Our Business Solutions

  • Company registration and setup

We handle company registration from start to finish and ensure a stress free and efficient registration service for companies engaging in any kind of business. Eg:

  • Construction
  • Information technology
  • Financial services Consultancy
  • Banking
  • Credit lending
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Aviation
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Health and beauty
  • Automotive vehicles
  • Security,Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture

·         Tax registration and compliance

Uniglobal Business Solution assists companies both local and foreign obtain tax registration certificates and ensures the companies files their returns in time and maintains tax compliance.

This ensures our clients focus on their core business and maintain clear records.

·         Immigration consulting

We assist foreigners working in the country obtain work permits, business visas, pupils pass, special pass, visa extension, dependents pass and any documentation from immigrations Kenya.

From companies looking to hire non Kenyan staff to expatriates looking to get permanent residences in Kenya. We assist to make it a hassle free experience.

·         Financial Companies Setup

We assist with registration and licensing of companies involved with:

  • Payment service providers (PSP)
  • Payment processing companies
  • Forex trading/bureaus
  • Money remittance
  • Credit lending
  • Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies SACCOS
  • Micro finance institutions

We also offer advisory on initial structuring of these companies.

·         Intellectual Property Registration & Compliance (Trademark Registration, Patents, Copyrights):

Securing your intellectual property is key in any business to ensure other don’t profit from your businesses years of research and development. We can assist our clients register and secure their trademarks, patents & copyrights.

·         Change in company particulars:

Changes in companies are inevitable. Mergers and acquisitions, change in shareholding and directorship, change in company name, change of location/addresses etc. We assist register these changes with the registrar of companies efficiently and at affordable rates

·         Corporate banking:

Through our banking partners we assist with account opening for both local and foreign currencies. Any organization, from Small Medium Enterprises to non-profit organizations

·         Non-profit organization registrations

We assist with registration of NGOs, Foundations, Trusts, Welfare Associations, Social Clubs, Youth Groups etc

·         Special body registrations

Different companies require additional registration with government agencies after incorporation eg:

  • Energy regulatory authority ( Energy Companies)
  • National construction Authority (Construction Companies)
  • Communications Authority of Kenya (Communications an Courier Companies)
  • National Environment Management Authority of Kenya NEMA ( Waste disposal, dumping, construction companies)
  • Kenya investment Authority (Companies looking to invest in Kenya)
  • NHIF
  • NSSF
  • Central Bank of Kenya (Credit Lending Companies)

·         Tender qualification

We assist companies looking to qualify for tenders get the right documentation to win the tenders